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Featuring an extensive and highly skilled technical workforce, Unionet Technologies Sdn Bhd is committed to serving various industries through its cutting-edge technologies of artificial intelligence, striving to lead the future of AIoT. 

Over the years, Unionet Technologies strives to empower everyone to enjoy a better future by building a more convenient, efficient and secure intelligent world through smart home technology, comprehensive machine recognition technology and industrial automation. 

In 2020, UT Robotics team has been formed to solely provide robotics solutions to meet the needs of various industries. At the present time, UT Robotics has provided more than 200 robots for various industries in Malaysia, ranging from the healthcare industry like Sunway Medical Center, to the food and beverage industry like Johnny's Restaurant, Black Canyon, Haidilao, and more.




Expanded business in providing one-stop ICT solution

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Providing AI cleaning robots to various industries in Malaysia


The business was registered and commenced operations.


Providing AI delivery robots to various industries in Malaysia


Project Coverage in Malaysia

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